This was a really fun shoot for me. I'd actually done a shoot with Hailey about 5 years ago with her and her sister Jessy. At the time Hailey was just, what I would call, a kid, so it was kind of mind blowing to see her again as a young woman celebrating her graduation from high school! In addition to that, I'm a big fan of horses, so naturally I really enjoyed doing this graduation shoot with Hailey a few weeks ago.

An acreage in De Winton where we did the shoot provided a perfect setting for these photos as it had a couple beautiful old wagons and plenty of green space to explore. While I normally only send my clients colour and black and white edits of their photos, I really like the sepia look for these photos so I decided to do a sepia edit for this shoot. The sepia look was very popular in the 1800's and was commonly used by photographers to capture photos of the old west. The old wagon and the horse just made sepia edits seem like a must to me and I figured I'd feature them in this gallery as it really is an editing look that I don't see very much. I'm very happy with how the photos turned out and I was even more happy to hear that Hailey loved the photos. A big thank you to Jessy Eickmeier from Jessy's Horsemanship for setting up the shoot!