Hi! I'm Jared

Welcome to my website! I've been a full time professional photographer for 8 years now and I specialize in Wedding, Commercial, and Fashion photography. Calgary, Alberta, Canada is home but I've been lucky to do some travelling for my work and I'm constantly out in the mountains for weddings and commercial shoots. If you're looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding, create visual content for your business, help develop your modelling portfolio, or anything else, please get in touch with me!


Wedding Photography

Wedding days almost feel like a computer hack or cheat code for photographers like myself. I love taking photos that really mean something to the people in them. Under normal circumstances that can be a challenging thing to do, but when you're given the privilege of photographing someones wedding, taking meaningful photos for that couple and their family and friends becomes easy.

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Commercial Photography

The marketing world has gone digital and it's never been more important to have high quality visual material to promote your business. I provide high end photography services at affordable prices so my clients can market and grow their businesses.

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While my fashion work overlaps with my commercial work, I love working with models to develop and expand their portfolio so they can book more commercial shoots. I have a studio set up located on an acreage just outside the city limits for the city of Calgary where I can shoot basically any style or look you could want for your portfolio. I also have a collection of battery powered strobes and a variety of umbrellas and softboxs that can be used for location shoots.

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One of the reasons I love shooting weddings as much as I do is because I love taking photos that are going to mean something my clients for the rest of their lives. Family Photoshoots fall into the exact same line of thought for me. I know that photos of my own family are getting more and more precious to me as time goes by, and I like the idea that the photos I take for my clients could one day be looked at the same way.

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“His talent and eye for candid shots and capturing special moments really made our pictures personal. He was incredibly easy to work with and we would recommend him to anyone!”