Corporate Headshots - $75

Shoot Time - 15 min

Edits - 5

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in nearly all of the weddings I had booked for this year being postponed, so I'm trying to turn this into an opportunity to put my focus into booking more headshot sessions. I've done headshot photography for some of my friends and a few clients, but it's never been something I've actively pursued booking on a regular basis. So, I'm having a sale on headshot sessions to build up my portfolio so I can begin marketing and booking these shoots on a regular basis!

Corporate Headshot Options


Studio is the standard go to look for corporate headshots. For this sale, if you'd like the studio option for your headshot, you'll have to come out to my studio location. All of my studio work is done out at an acreage west of the south end of the city about 15 minutes from Macleod trail off of highway 22x/Stoney trail, not far past Red Deer Lake School.


I can come to you and we can get you a great headshot at a location that's convenient for you. Location shoots won't have the plain background like I can setup in my studio, and they will be lit with either all natural light, or a mix of natural light and one or two strobes. For this sale I won't be packing up my entire studio and bringing it to a location.