What do I need from you?

In order to make sure that me and my second photographer are all set and ready for your wedding there's some information that I need from you!

  1. A schedule for the day. Having the days events and timelines laid out is very helpful for making sure I keep to your schedule and make sure the day isn't held up because I've spent way too much time taking way too many photos!
  2. A start time for when you'd like me and my second photographer to arrive. It's important to figure out what time you'd like me and my second photographer to start so you have me around for all of the days events you want covered!
  3. Location addresses for getting ready/ceremony/reception.
  4. List of wedding party names. I'm terrible at remembering names, so it helps to have them written down!
  5. A shot list. Wedding days are a lot of fun and it can be very easy to get lost in the days events and forget to get a photo with certain guests at your wedding. I find it's very useful to think through all of the guests you want to make sure you get photos with. It's not a bad idea to even write down the obvious ones like your parents and siblings. Any people or combinations of people you'd like photos with during the family photo portion of the day is good to have written down so we can simply check those photos off as we go and make sure you get all of the photos with family and friends that you want!
  6. Any guests in particular that you want lots of photos of. I've shot several weddings where sadly there is a guest who is dealing with serious health issues. I always take a ton of candid photos of guests, but depending on the size of the wedding, it can be very unlikely I'll get a good shot of every guest. If there is a special guest you absolutely want photos of from your wedding, please let me know.
  7. Inspirational photos. Don't hesitate to send me any photos you've seen online that you love and would like to recreate! Please keep your focus on the posing and activities in the photos you send me as the actual look of a photo is heavily dependent on lighting and may or may not be something we can recreate depending on the time of day and location of your wedding.
  8. A list of the vendors you're using for your wedding. A lot of work goes into weddings, and I always like to tag the various vendors who's work will be on full display in my photos when I create social media posts! Ex.) Hair and Makeup Artists, rings, suits, wedding dress, bouquets, cake, wedding planner, venue, and so on.
  9. If your wedding is a destination wedding I'll contact you regarding travel details.