Halloween Shoot

Okay, so there's a bit of a funny story that goes along with this shoot. The model in these photos is Monika Assef from Glam and Beyond. Me and her have collaborated through social media on a ton of shoots with various models from around Calgary, but for years we had never actually met in person. All of our shoots were with models who would go to Monika's house to get their hair and makeup done, and then come meet me at the shoot location.

So, A few years ago around halloween Monika texted me and asked if I was interested in coming over to her house to take some photos of some halloween themed makeup she had done on herself. I love halloween looks and I thought it would be nice to finally meet Monika in person, so naturally I said yes, and this was the look she had done! Pretty awesome eh? We essentially did the same thing the following halloween for another look Monika had created. So I'd now met Monika in person twice, but she had a ton of makeup on both times.

Some time after these shoots I was shooting an event that Monika happened to be a guest at. The funny thing is that she came up to say hi to me and I didn't recognize her! All of our communication had been through social media, and I was following her business accounts which had plenty of pictures of her work, but none that I'd seen of her! So, I'd been collaborating with Monika for years, I'd done two photoshoots with her modelling for the photos, and I didn't really know what she looked like!

Anyways, as funny as situation as that was, we still shoot together regularly and I love the work she does. This look she did on herself is brilliant. I love to colours, the design, the hair.It all just goes together so well. As you can see below I did quite a variety of crops and I added a lens flare into half of the edits. I really love the shots we got, especially when I consider how simple and random this shoot was.

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