High River Wedding

Ashleigh and John's wedding was actually the very first wedding that I was the official photographer for, and that was very fortunate for me. They're both very kind people with wonderful friends and family. Not only was everyone in a great mood and having a good time, but I got very lucky with the location and the weather! The wedding was at the Highwood Golf Club in High River, Alberta on a beautiful overcast day, which creates beautiful soft light for photographs. The photo directly below this text of Ashleigh hugging her father after he had walked her down the aisle is a great example of what overcast lighting can do for a photo, and it's still one of my all time favourite photos from the weddings I've photographed. The other reason that I, and everyone else, was lucky with the weather, is that during the reception I was told there was a tornado warning! Which thankfully never happened. Just a bit of rain shortly after we finished all the wedding party photos and had headed inside for the reception. Overall it was an extremely positive first wedding experience for me and really encouraged me to pursue a career as a photographer.